The Benefits of Hot Yoga in a gym near me

Hot yoga is becoming increasingly popular for some gym in Montreal, and for good reasons! Practicing any style of yoga, whether it is a more spiritual or physical approach, has real benefits. Fitness classes like Hot yoga can be combination of both of these elements, in a room of 38 degrees, creating a different environment from your usual practice. The list of positives is long, and here are just a few to get you thinking:

  1. Increases FLEXIBILITY
    Heat makes muscles more pliable, so by practicing your yoga flow in a room that is both high in temperature and humidity, you increase your ability to deepen your poses. Hot yoga is great for those suffering with lower back pain, hip pain and knee pain, as the hot temperatures will allow you to deepen the poses necessary for release of that built up tension. The sweat will begin to pour off of you very quickly, potentially making your mat slippery, so don’t forget to bring a towel to stabilize those asanas!
    Like in any activity that makes you sweat and opens up your pores, you create space for the toxins to flow out of your body. Hot yoga flows are no less difficult, so you would naturally sweat, but with the increased temperature you are sure to release some of those negative beings in an expedited manner. You will begin to see the benefits in the form of glowing skin, especially when practicing regularly.
  3. Strengthens IMMUNITY
    By practicing yoga in a hot environment, you improve your immunity and elevate your body’s regenerative capacity.
  4. Promotes MINDFULNESS
    To some yoga may seem boring and their mind quickly wanders to thoughts of the past or future. When practicing hot yoga, our mind tends to focus solely on the task at hand. We tend to concentrate more on our performance and breathing through the flow, as the hot and humid temperatures seem to effect our ability to think into the future. The thick air will create an environment rich with motivation and clarity and actually positively influence any stressors you may have by combatting them. You can only literally think about the yoga.
  5. Good for WEIGHT LOSS
    Think about it, you are non stop moving in a hot environment, sweating. You are bound to lose that excess water weight and from all the twists and turns you tone your body and increase your strength.Although Hot Yoga is incredibly beneficial, there are a few things to keep in mind when becoming acquainted with this style. It is very very important to stay hydrated before and after. If you do not drink enough water before, you can feel ill during the practice. If you do not maintain a healthy water intake after, you can develop a headache and fatigue, so be sure to drink tons of water.
    Another important thing to keep in mind is what you eat before and after a class. Do not eat too much before class, keep your diet light and focus on fruits and vegetables high in water content, such as watermelon and cucumbers. Bananas, nuts and seeds are also a great option. Stay away from dairy and heavy foods. After class, maintain an intake of fruits and vegetables high in water, so as to rehydrate your body. You may feel a sudden urge to eat something fatty and high in calories, since you just burned a bunch, so be generous with your body, but also be conscious. Prepare yourself a smoothie with protein powder for example, this should satiate you and keep you from making a rash decision to eat something unhealthy. is a great place to look for HOT YOGA and fitness classes near you and some gyms in Montreal. Whether is a yoga studio or a Montreal gym  that offers hot yoga classes. If you don’t feel ready to embark on a hot yoga journey, stick with regular temperature yoga and see the plethora of benefits that has for your mind and body!
Ania Puciata

Ania Puciata

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