The Benefits of Group Workouts in a gym near me

Generally speaking, when joining a gym, you are doing so solo. It is rare that a group of individuals will choose a gym together. That is not to say that you are condemned to working out completely alone though, and you shouldn’t! There are many benefits to working out in a group setting. Here are just a few advantages to group fitness, as per with gyms in Montreal, Laval, and Toronto:

  1. MOTIVATION. This is a pretty obvious one. When joining a gym, it takes a certain amount of motivation and tenacity to follow through with your daily routine. When inserting yourself in a group exercise, you challenge yourself to workout beyond your perceived limitations. When everyone in your group is working towards the same ultimate goal, you are less likely to bail.
  2. ACCOUNTABILITY. When others are depending on you to follow through, you are more likely to attend the class. This not only works as a motivating factor for attendance, but also performance within in the class. The experience of the workout alters your mindset to a more positive one, where kinship is a requisite. You are not doing this solely for yourself, but for the team.
  3. SOCIALIZATION. No one likes to spend their days alone, and when joining a group workout, you are opening yourself up to new friendships and ties to your community. Day after day you attend these classes, and begin to form bonds with others around you. You learn about their lives, their struggles, their goals and challenges. You become more involved throughout the class and it may even result in a congratulatory beer outing post exercise!
  4. DIVERSIFY. Maybe you have always done the same style of exercise, and maybe you are itching to try something new! When attending group classes, you are opening yourself up to new beginnings. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try Functional Training, or HIIT, or Yoga, or Cycling. Well now you can! Many gyms throughout Canada, partnered with, offer a variety of group classes where you can learn and practice a new skill. You never know, maybe downward facing dog will be your new rest pose.


Finding a gym in Montreal that offers group workouts is as easy as logging into, searching your area, and buying a pass. Most gyms offer group exercises, and offers passes for 1 day, 5 days, 10 days and 1 month to the gym of your choice. Want to try a place out? Go for it! Nothing is stopping you! Get yourself into a class where you can hone down on that desired skill.


Ania Puciata

Ania Puciata

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