Make sure not to forget about the importance of filling your body with nutrients that will propel you in your daily workout routine. It is important to give your body what it is asking for, and with these five natural energy boosts, you will be grateful for having taken the time to do so! There are many substances and chemicals out there, but the natural path is best for your body. It will not only be able to worker longer, but also harder to achieve your desired results. Remember to always listen to the signals from your body, and treat it with respect. You only get one!



These ancient berries are known to have energy enhancing qualities. They work by increasing your blood flow, and aid in releasing oxygen throughout your body, leaving you feeling energized and invigorated! Best way to ingest them is in liquid form, as your body absorbs the nutrients faster!



An amazing way to keep your muscles lean and feeling energized, green tea is packed with catechins, natural antioxidants, which help reduce muscle damage caused by exercise. Loaded with caffeine, green tea will keep you motivated throughout your workout, leaving you feeling lighter and healthier!



Who would have thought that bananas were such a wonderful pre-workout snack? Great source of natural sugars and potassium, bananas are a simple way to increase your workout productivity. They can be eaten alone, or with¬†a delicious nut butter of your choice. Bananas are best consumed thirty minutes before your workout.



They are available now in various forms: peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, walnut butter, and are easy to pair with fruits or in a smoothie. These natural butters are a wonderful source of protein and will keep your muscles feeling lean. High in fiber, magnesium and B vitamins, your body will thank you for this tasty snack.



Great for on-the-go lifestyles, oats can be prepared hours in advance and eaten on the way to the gym. With little flavor on their own, they leave room for lots of creativity! Overnight oats allow for mixing and matching other healthy vitamin packed foods, and leave you feeling comfortable during and after your workout. They are a great filling alternative to something potentially unhealthy you may want to eat after burning all those calories.

Ania Puciata

Ania Puciata

My name is Ania, and these blogs are a written form of my take on a healthy lifestyle. This community offers healthy lifestyle tips with the understanding of treating your body with the utmost respect. All of your decisions mold you into the person that you are, and that includes the types of foods you eat, and the habits you have. These blogs are an honest approach to altering your lifestyle to make it more natural, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible.