How to Keep Up the Workout Motivation

With the weather slowly changing, taking a turn for cooler days and even colder nights, we must be conscious of the changes our body will want to go through. You will naturally begin a slight hibernation mode, where the food you will crave will be a bit heavier, more satiating. In order to not lose sight of our health in the months to come, where layers of clothes are likely to be worn, take on a few of these habits to ensure a healthy lifestyle and an upkeep of motivation!

  1. Try Something New. Simple enough. You do not need to take part in exactly the same workout routine day in and day out. The season is changing, and so should you! Try something out of the ordinary, something exciting, something that will encourage you to leave the house!
  2. Start Early. The earlier in day you get yourself exercising, the better. The sun may take longer to come out, but that does not mean you should put your workouts off. Morning routines will not only motivate you, but also get you warmed up and ready for the day to come!
  3. Treat Yo-self. After the hard work of getting to the gym and exercising, in the cold temperatures, you deserve a treat. Maybe not in the form of something super unhealthy, but listen to your body and its small demands.
  4. Join a Class/Group Workout. Guess what? When you have others relying on your presence, then you are more likely to follow through.
  5. ¬†YOU WILL FEEL SO GOOD. This is quite obvious, but it’s something that tends to be forgotten in the midst of making a decision. You will actually feel so good after a gym session. Winter months are long, days are short, there is less sun, and moods tend to decrease. Make it a point to keep your spirits high and care for yourself, because that is most important. Your wellbeing is incredibly important, and will shine through into your daily life, daily interactions and relationships!

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Ania Puciata

Ania Puciata

My name is Ania, and these blogs are a written form of my take on a healthy lifestyle. This community offers healthy lifestyle tips with the understanding of treating your body with the utmost respect. All of your decisions mold you into the person that you are, and that includes the types of foods you eat, and the habits you have. These blogs are an honest approach to altering your lifestyle to make it more natural, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible.