How to Find a Gym near me in Montreal, with no contracts

There are many reasons why one may be seeking a new gym. Maybe you are unsatisfied with your current gym, or have just moved to a new location, or you are just starting the gym game, or simply, just seeking a new gym. Whatever your reason, we are here to help you make the right decision, for you. There are several factors to take into account in trying a new place out.


Where are you located? Is there a gym near you in Montreal, Laval or South Shore? Is there a safe space to park your bicycle or car? Can you walk there? Is there public transportation to take you there? These are all questions you should ask yourself prior to finalizing your decision. Location is a huge motivating factor, as when you are tired after a long day, or the weather is poor, these factors will easily influence your decision on whether or not to go and workout! Better to make sure your journey to the gym is filled with as little obstacles as possible.

What does the gym offer?

This is important when making a choice with which gym in Montreal to settle on. Are there classes that you can take part in? What does the equipment look like? Is it in good condition? Is a personal trainer available? Is there a cafe or smoothie bar? Is there a pool or sauna? This is good to think about, as you may go through phases in your exercise routine. You want to ensure, before signing any paperwork and paying fees that the gym is offering that which you are seeking.


Pretty obvious one. You don’t want to break the bank for the gym, as this will only stress you out and take away from the enjoyment of going to the gym. It will end up feeling obligatory in a sense, because the guilt of the cost will hang over your head.


Probably your best option in Montreal. Not only do you avoid any sign up fees, you also do not have the commit to one place, you just “pay as you go”. Which means, just that! Buy a pass on our website, and try a place out. See if you like the classes, the trainers, the facilities and the location. Look no further than Findagym.

Ania Puciata

Ania Puciata

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